Episode 1

Published on:

3rd Apr 2020

Leading in Crisis with Justworks CEO Isaac Oates

Today I am excited to welcome my good friend Isaac Oates. Isaac is the founder and CEO of Justworks. A 580 person startup based in New York City, the US epicenter of the current crisis. Isaac and I chat preparing a team for fully remote, leading in crisis, and running a company while parenting in quarantine.

You’ll learn tactics for communicating in times of crisis, for supporting a team in a newly dispersed environment, and for getting through times when capital is tight. You’re going to love Isaac!

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It's hard to start companies, it's difficult to lead, and we all have moments where we are convinced everyone else has it pulled together and that we must be the only sucker in the room.

This is a place for those stories and that kind of honesty. Honest, human stories from the front lines of startup life.

The more we are real with one another, the more we are each able to normalize the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial experience. And the more we can each quiet our inner voices of self-criticism and begin to step into the roles we were meant to play.

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